Dear friends!

We invite you to take part in the Argentine Tango Competition of the «White Nights Tango» festival.

Date: June 12, 2019

Duration: 18:00 - 21:00

Venue: «Jenavi Hall», St. Petersburg, Bolshoy Smolensky Ave., 12.

The open festival contest and the "White Nights Tango" Cup in 2019 with the support of the Tango Academy of Argentina and the IFAT.

Tango dancers from beginners to professionals are invited to participate.

Competition categories:

  • Tango Beginner

  • Tango Intermediate

  • Tango Senior

  • Tango waltz

  • Milonga

  • Milonguero

  • Tango show

  • Tango show group

  • Tango Pro-Am (professional + amateur)

  • Tango-Pro (professionals)

  • Tango for All

Judges committee

Participants are evaluated by the maestros of the festival, recognized professionals and judges of the World Tango Championship in Buenos Aires, winners and prize-winners of the World Tango Championship:

  • Carlos Rivarola

  • Graciela Gonzales

  • Edwin Espinosa

  • Alexa Yepes Arboleda

  • Nikita Gerdt

Levels and conditions of participation:

"Tango beginner" - up to two years of study, the category Tango beginner;

"Tango continuing" - over 2 years of study, any category;

"Senior" - couples, the age of both partners exceeds 50 years;

"ProAm" - couples where one of the partners is a teacher, the other is a student

"Tango-Pro" - both partners are teachers or professional dancers.

The categories "Tango-Waltz", "Milonga", "Milonguero" are open to all levels of dancing.

Join the "Milonguero" category in pairs.

In the category "Tango for all" the "Public Choice" nomination will be provided on the basis of a closed ballot.

Financial conditions: The organization and support of the Competition is carried out at the expense of contributions from participants and spectators.

Registration fee:

Categories Tango, Waltz, Milonga - 1500 rubles for a couple of participants

Categories Show, Pro-Am, Tango-Pro - 2000 rubles for a couple of participants

Milonguero category - 1000 rubles for one participant

Tango for All - 1000 rubles for a couple of participants

Tango Show Group - 3000 rubles for a group of participants.

Targets and goals:

a) Argentine tango popularization in Russia, the CIS countries and abroad;

b) Improving the skills of participants;

c) Experience exchange among Argentine tango specialists.

All participants will be awarded with diplomas, the winners are with valuable prizes.


Personal information

Each partner fills out an application form.

Partner information

Each partner fills out an application form.


Contact details

By registering and paying the fee the participant confirms that he is fully acquainted with the rules of participation and the rules of the competition.

Contest Rules

Competitions in all nominations are held in the presence of at least 3 competing pairs in each category.

If there are more than 8 applications in the category the qualification and final will be held.

In the "Tango" category, couples compete under 3 (three) tunes for one ronda with the music chosen by the organizers.

In the categories "Milonga" and "Tango-Waltz" couples compete under 2 (two) tunes for one ronda.

In the “Milonguero” category there are 3 tango melodies of different orchestras during one ronda. The category with the change of partners.

The category "Tango for all" is open for everyone. Dancing is estimated by the judges committee and the audience.

Member Registration Rules

Couples of Argentine tango dancers of different levels from beginners to professionals from all over the world are invited to attend the competition.

Contestants may take part in one or several categories, but none of the contestants may be registered twice in the same category.

The participant can join several categories with one or different partners.

All persons interested in participating the Open "White Nights Tango" Competition have to fill an online application.

All information provided by a contestant in the application for participation is considered as an official application.

The deadline for submission and payment of applications: no later than June 5th, 2019.

Dear competitors! The hotel JENAVI CLUB is located in the same building as the «Jenavi Hall». For accommodation please call +7 (812) 9924946

The organizers of the White Nights Tango Competition: Julia Zueva and the Tangomania Dance Center, International Federation of Argentine Tango.