Dear friends!

We are glad to invite you to the Concerts of the XVI International Festival «WHITE NIGHTS TANGO» 9 and 12 June 2017!

9 June, show «White Nights tango»
Kolizey Concert hall on Nevsky prospect, 100 at 19:00.

Show starring:

  • Claudia CODEGA and Esteban MORENO
  • Magdalena GUTIERREZ and Germán BALLEJO
  • Gisela Paula NATOLI and Gustavo ROSAS

Music: tango orchestra «Tango En Vivo».

Music band "Tango en Vivo" is a new tango Quartet, created by bandoneon player Ivan Talanin. Ivan has 5 years of successful work in the famous tango orchestra of Moscow, the geography of performances from Argentina to Australia!

bandoneon — Ivan Talanin
violin — Anton Semke
piano — Alexander Shevchenko
double bass — Nikita, Keher.

Birthday "Tango en Vivo" - December 20, 2015. Less than a year the orchestra was able to establish itself, and release the album, titled "El Classico", and went to Buenos Aires’s the biggest, most famous, International Tango Festival "Tango BA Festival y Mundial" at the personal invitation of the festival’s cheifs in August 2016.

In Argentina the orchestra applauded the audience on the most famous milongas, such as "La Viruta", "La Baldosa", "Salon Canning", It was in the air at the oldest tango radio "La2x4" and simply blew the TV show "Morfi" on the popular channel across Latin America "Telefe". The orchestra participated in "Una noche de Montmartre" and "Tango Pasion" shows, was the official orchestra of the most prestigious tango festivals in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Argentina, Singapore, South Korea, China and many European cities. Since 2016 "Tango en Vivo" involved in production of Gleb Panfilov's the "White lie" in "Lenkom" theater with the participation of the most famous actors of the USSR – Inna Churikova and Viktor Rakov. In August 2017, the orchestra will tour for Latin America.

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Tickets cost from 1000 to 2500 rubles, depending on the seat location. Electronic tickets on sale on the websites:

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12 June, «Tete@tete» show
The concert hall «Olympia» on Liteiny prospect, 14 at 19:00.

Music: Saule Iskakova and «Primavera» tango orchestra. 

Saule Iskakova - the leading soloist of the St. Petersburg state children's musical theater "Wonderland", winner of the international "Premio della critica" (Italy), honored artist of Russia. Her artistic talent was appreciated Horacio Ferrer during the Days of Argentina in St.Petersburg. In 2005, Saule received the critics award at the international competition "Astor Piazzolla" (Italy), where her voice was noted as "exceptional". Her voice is known throughout the country for the characters of disney cartoons such as Belle "beauty and the beast," Mulan, Meg and goddess of Kaliopa in the Hercules, Jasmine, Minnie mouse, etc. In tango concerts Saule - not just a singer, with her great vocals and sense of style, she is a great actress, creating a unique image in each song, because she does it with great love! 

Famous St.Petersburg tango orchestra "Primavera" plays tango in all its diversity. Established in 2008, the orchestra is actively developing, performing at the best venues in the city. Classic tango quintet: accordion (D. O.), violin (VN Michailidi), piano (G. Kolyadin), guitar (A. Pushkin), double bass (A. Kuznetsov) - combines a traditional performance with a modern perception, creating a unique system in which each participant contributes a unique hint of sound. Musicians are constantly experimenting and exploring the culture of tango, opening the limits of ideas of this amazing Argentinean music. 

Tickets cost from 600 to 1500 roubles, depending on the seat location.

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