Dear friends!

We are glad to invite you to the Concerts of the XVII International Festival «WHITE NIGHTS TANGO» 8 and 9 June 2018!

8 June, show «Tangomania»
The concert hall «Olympia» on Liteiny prospect, 14 at 20:00.

Show starring: international guest couples from Russia, Argentina and other countries.

Music: Saule Iskakova and «Primavera» tango orchestra.

Tickets cost from 800 to 2500 rubles, depending on the seat location.

Famous St.Petersburg tango orchestra "Primavera" plays tango in all its diversity. Established in 2008, the orchestra is actively developing, performing at the best venues in the city. Classic tango quintet: accordion (Dmitry Abdurasulov), violin (Victoria Misailidi), piano (Gleb Kolyadin), guitar (Anton Glushkin), double bass (Ilya Filkenshtein) - combines a traditional performance with a modern perception, creating a unique system in which each participant contributes a unique hint of sound. Musicians are constantly experimenting and exploring the culture of tango, opening the limits of ideas of the Argentinean music.

Saule Iskakova – a leading singer of St. Petersburg State Children's Musical Theater "Wonderland" , winner of the international "Premio della critica" ( Italy), Honored Artist of Russia. Tango in her performance was appreciated many times by Argentine counterparts, including the poet Horacio Ferrer, associate Astor Piazzolla. In 2005, Saule won critics in the international competition " Astor Piazzolla " (Italy), where her voice was marked as "exceptional". Her voice is known throughout the country for Disney characters such as Belle "Beauty and the Beast,"Mulan”, Meg and goddess Kaliopa in " Hercules", Jasmine, Minnie Mouse, etc. 
In tango concerts Saule – is not just a singer who fluently speaks Spanish, who has great vocals and a sense of style, but is also a great actress, creating in each song a unique image, which penetrate into the heart of the viewer, because she does it with great love!


9 June, Gala show «White Nights Tango»
The concert hall «Olympia» on Liteiny prospect, 14 at 20:00.

Show starring: maestro couples from Argentina

  • Carlos and Maria Rivarola
  • Maximiliano Cristiani and Karina Colmeiro
  • Jose Luis Salvo and Carla Rossi

Music: Pasional Orquesta

Tickets cost from 1000 to 3000 rubles, depending on the seat location.

Pasional — is the energy of music, passion and progress.

It’s a young band playing music with special energetics and creating the special unique atmosphere during the performances.The main repertoire of the band is the Argentine tango. Author's compositions, A. Piazzolla's music and tango of the gold period (30-40 years, orchestras J.D'Arienzo, F.Canaro, C.Di Sarli, R.Biaggi, J.Garcia, O.Pugliese).
"We are constantly working on arrangements – say the musicians - we achieve the effect of rich surround sound of our quartet, which creats feeling of presence of a big orchestra, that’s why we add to the name the word "orquestra". 
Four musicians - Konstantin Dorokhov, Mikhail Kofanov, Evgeny Kozlov and Dmitry Kovalenko - skilled experts, make a whole and at the same time each participant is unique. Being the best country musical university graduats they are playing at the famous concert halls. They are invited to the largest tango festivals in Russia and abroad.