Сarlos Rivarola

For the first time Carlos Rivarola visiteded Russia due to invitation of «Tangomania» dance center as a maestro of our festival in 2009 This year he will be our guest for the eighth time already and the fourth time Carlos among the maestro of a festival.

Carlos Rivarola is a master of the Argentine tango. Carlos and Maria Rivarola were first cast soloists of the legendary show "Tango Argentino" which successfully debuted in 1983 in Paris and within the next 2 years went on tour in France, Italy, Canada and the USA. That show was the first step for tango in winning hearts of million people worldwide.

In 1999, Carlos Rivarola received the American Dance Academy reward as the main choreographer of the world famous movie "Tango", the movie by Carlos Saura that was nominated for "Oscar".

Carlos Rivarola is a professor of Institute of National art of IUNA.

In 2006 he was awarded for achievements in art of National Art of Argentina by Fund, in 2008 with the certificate of honor of UNESCO (The session of the International Council of dance to Buenos Aires) CID-UNESCO. Also Carlos has the UNESCO award for a contribution to world art. In more detail …

In 1983 they were members of the cast that in Paris premiered the successful show Tango Argentino, by Claudio Segovia and Héctor Orezzoli, driving the worldwide renaissance of tango-dance.

It is worthwhile mentioning that Carlos and María Rivarola have established a special connection with Japan. They began to travel to that country in 1984 Their relationship with the Japanese country is so close that, in 1986, Carlos Rivarola created and directed the first tango show entirely consisting of Japanese dancers, musicians and singers. Likewise, in 1996 Carlos and María directed the show Los Grandes del Tango Argentino, especially staged for the East, which included other dancing figures like Juan Carlos Copes, María Nieves, Nélida y Nelson, Mayoral y Elsa María, Carlos and Inés Bórquez and the Orquesta Color Tango. They founded and support several clubs and tango academies in Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya and Osaka.

Furthermore, Carlos was the first dancer together with Eleonora Cassano in the Tangokinesis company, directed by Ana María Stekelman in 1998 and, in the movies, he appeared as dancer and choreographer in Marcos Zurinaga’s «Tango Bar» (1989), Leonard Schrader’s «Naked Tango» (1991) and Carlos Saura’s Tango», the world famous movie nominated for «Oscar». His work in this latter film allowed him to win the National Film Award for Best Choreography 1999 awarded by the Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts, Music and Dance of the United States.

In 2001 the Rivarolas were two of the founders of the Asociación de Maestros, Bailarines y Coreógrafos de Tango Argentino (AMBCTA), in which Carlos also has been president, to defend the professional interests of tango dancers.

Carlos and María have written the book «Así se baila el tango argentine», with the tango researcher Yoyi Kanematz, which was published in Japan.

Participant of the WHITE NIGHTS TANGO festivals in 2009, 2013 and 2016


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Graciela Gonzalez

Graciela Gonzalez is a worldwide known tango dancer and the most famous female teacher in the world of tango. She was the first who created a course for women because before it women in Buenos Aires could study only in milongas or assist men in their classes. She is particularly highly considered among the traditional milongueros in Buenos Aires who recognize her ability to integrate new pedagogical ideas within the contest of the traditionally elegant tango salon.

She was the first teacher that developed seminars specifically intended to introduce the dancers to a more technical approach to the tango. She was the creator of the worldwide-established seminars TECKHNIQUE FOR WOMEN (1994) and MARKING FOR MEN (1995). In 2006, a new course, “The Legacy of the Old Maestros”, appeared.

In 1997, she organized the first faculty (Grupo de profesores) in Argentina, Israel, Brazil, Germany and Italy, promoting the development and dissemination of Argentine tango, which is taught according to her method.

Now her proposal takes a challenging approach contrasting the tango technique with an approach that she calls the AntiTecnica. Read more ...

Graciela started to dance in 1988 Her teachers were Argentine tango legends - Pupi Castello, Pepito Avellaneda, Antonio Todaro, Gustavo Naveira, Juan Bruno, Teté, Martha Antón y El Gallego Manolo, El Turco José, Lampazo, Eduardo Pareja, Nito y Elba and many others. She has worked with Pupi for twenty years, and many of his ideas and methods took place in Graciela’s lessons.

Her method is completely innovative. It’s a result of years dedicated to studies of body movement combined with her personal dancing experience. Her technique is based in simple sensations and natural positions of body movement, which over time, enables students to create their own individual style of dancing.

Here's what she writes herself about this: “With ANTITÉCNICA, I propose to restore the nature of body movement, to form an awareness that the body already knows, without breaking and giving it unnatural forms that are not functional. My goal is to become a mirror. I invite you to feel that the Argentine Tango is for everyone and does not require significant transformation of the body in order to dance it, which will give the opportunity to enjoy, embrace and listen to music. I consider a logical structure of movements that gives courage for improvisations and freedom in dancing. "

Founding member of the first Association of Argentine Tango Teachers, Dancers and Choreographers, established in Buenos Aires in April 2001

Member of the jury of the World Tango Championships in Buenos Aires since its inception.

She taught in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Israel, USA, Brazil, Chile, Turkey, Sweden, Finland, Spain, Slovenia, New Zealand, Ukraine, Russia, Norway, Denmark, Canada and Puerto Rico .

Took part in the WHITE NIGHTS TANGO Festival in 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016


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Virginia Gomez and Christian Márquez (Los Totis)

Christian Márquez and Virginia Gomez (LOS TOTIS TANGO) – worldwide stars of the modern tango, some of the most recognized and popular maestros of the tango in the world. This couple differs in accurate, mature style. Their dance is characterized by advantage of movements, refinement and the purest essence of the tango which they carefully keep and develop. In more detail …

Their partnership has begun in 1996 They started training with renowned maestros like Toto Faraldo, Raul Bravo, Esther and Mingo Pugliese, Natalya Gamez and Gabriel Angio and gained their first professional experience in 1997 Since then they have participated many major national and international shows organized by such famous dancers and choreographers as Milena Plebs and Roberto Reys: "Los tangos de la Cábala," "Piazzolla Tango, "Copes Tango Copes," and "O'Tango." In 2002, they started touring Europe and Asia for festivals and workshops.

For two years in a row, they participated in one of the most important tango festivals of Buenos Aires, CITA.

They give regular classes and seminars in Buenos Aires to transmit their knowledge to a new generation of tango dancers. Their dance characterized by accuracy and quality of movement, with the goal of preserving the elegance and essence of pure tango.

Participants of the WHITE NIGHT TANGO festival in 2012, 2014 and in 2016

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Daniel Nacucchio and Christina Sosa

Daniel and Christina some of the few teachers of Villa Urquiza style which is characterized by elegant, refined steps, musicality and abundance of turns and masterly elements. The Villa Urquiza style arose on legendary milongas of Buenos Aires of "Club Sin Rumbo" and "Sunderland" and was accepted by the best dancers of the Tango Salon.

Danielle and Christina became the first tango dance couple to have won four most prestigious tango competitions in Tango Salon category within a single year! In more detail …

At the age of 16 Daniel has started to study Villa Urquiza style with the best maestros of the 21st century. Lampazo, Carlos and Rosa Perez, Roberto Herrera, Jorge Dispari and Gabriel Misse were his teachers. Today Daniel is a tango dancer, the teacher and the choreographer.

Christina started the dancing career at the age of 9 from classical choreography. In 18 she discovered tango, took part in various tango show, was a dancer and the choreographer assistant in the "Piazolla Tango" show.

Daniel Nacucchio and Cristina Sosa have been dancing together since 2007 Prior to joining an Argentine tango dance company named ‘Complejo Tango’, they were holding performances in private dance shows across Argentina. They broke into the international tango scene when they first won the Tango Mundial in 2008 They were the metropolitano city champions in categories Tango and Milonga and then went on to win the World Tango Championship in the tango salon category.

Since then they've traveled, performed, and taught Tango all over the world. They are absolute masters of the tango "salon" style and also adept at stage tango and choreography. Their dance is a culmination following decades of experience and training.

They also competed in and subsequently won the Japan Tango Championship, making them the first tango dance couple in a history to have won four most prestigious tango competitions within a single year.

Danielle and Christina not only wonderful dancers, but also talented teachers! They are very attentive to their students, their classes are always well prepared, and information which they generously share with students, is given in a clear, laconic form and is adapted for students of different level.

Were with workshops in Tangomania in 2014

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Edwin Espinosa and Alexa Yepes Arboleda

Young Colombian masters of the tango salon, seven-time national champions of Colombia, vice-world champions of the Tango Mundial in Buenos Aires in category "Tango De Pista" Edwin Espinosa and Alexa Yepes Arboleda with their fresh approach to dance are among the best dancers of new generation on the international stage. In more detail …

Alexa Yepes dances from 7 years, studied several disciplines of dance. At the age of 17 she decided to make the Tango the main profession. In 2009 as a part of the tango group she won the national championship of Colombia for staging groups.

Edwin Espinosa is an ambitious dancer from Bogota, dances since 2005 Edwin fell in love with Tango working as a waiter in a restaurant where milongas with famous maestros regularly took place. He began to dance and since 2008 won the Colombian National Tango championship for three times.

Since 2011 Alexa and Edwin have been working together in various tango shows and building a career as tango dancers and teachers.

Among their progress: the 5th place in Campeonato Mundial de Baile de Tango of 2013, category Tango de pista; the 2nd place in Campeonato Mundial de Baile de Tango of 2014, category Tango de pista; World champions of "Milongueros del mundo", 2013 Metropolitan of Buenos Aires; Seven-time national champions of Colombia.

Participants of festivals of the tango around the world: Italy, France, Holland, Spain, Turkey, Greece, Norway, Germany, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, United States, Canada, Taiwan and Korea

Were with workshops in Tangomania in 2018

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