Dear Participants of the Festival!

Please read the following important information:

The map of XVI «White Nights Tango» Festival

1 - Tangomania Dance Center

  • Registration for the Festival: June, 8
  • Workshops with Sergey Sokhnenko and Irina Petrichenkщ
  • Welcoming milonga: June, 8
  • Late afternoon milongas: June, 10–12

Address: 26, Tchaikovskogo St., St.- Petersburg; central entrance, 2nd floor.

Metro station: Chernyshevskaya

2 - Kolizey Concert Hall

  • White Nights Tango Gala Show: June, 9
Address: 100, Nevsky Prospect, Saint-Petersburg.
Metro station: Mayakovskaya.

3 - Museum complex «The Universe of Water»
  • Milonga «Sunny»: June, 9
  • Milonga «Marine»: June, 10
  • Workshops June, 10–12
Address: 10, Tavricheskaya St, St.- Petersburg.
Metro station «Chernyshevskaya» 4 - Azimuth Hotel:

  • Festival «White Ball»: June, 11

Address: 43/1 Lermontovsky Prospect, St.-Petersburg.
Metro stations: Tekhnologichesky Institute, Baltiyskaya 

5 - «Olympia» Concert Hall

  • Show «Tango tet@tet»: June, 12
  • Milonga «Fiesta»: June, 12

Address: 14, Liteyny Av., St.- Petersburg.
Metro station: Chernyshevskaya

Schedule of the festival Organizing Committee working hours

You can receive your personal festival schedules, classes and milonga passes in the time, as follows:

June 5-7: 11:30-22:30, 26, Tchaikovsky street (№1 on map)

June 8: 11:30-01:30, 26, Tchaikovsky street 

June 9: 22:00-04:30, 10, Tavricheskaya St 
The participants who have paid the ticket for a concert on June 9 in advance will be able to receive the personal schedules and tickets before a concert, from 18:00 at Kolizey Concert Hall (№2 on map)

June 10: 11:30-04:30, 10, Tavricheskaya St 

June 11: 11:30-19:30, 10, Tavricheskaya St 
23:00-04:30, 43/1 Lermontovsky Prospect 

June 12: 11:30-19:30, 10, Tavricheskaya St
The participants who have paid the ticket for a concert (or milonga) on June 12 in advance and have not received the personal schedule earlier) will be able to receive the personal schedules and tickets before a concert, from 18:00 at Olympia Concert Hall 

Phone for communication with the organizing Committee: 8(901)373-19-34

Peña June, 10

20:00 - 22:30, 10, Tavricheskaya St,
Metro station «Chernyshevskaya»
DJ - Viktoria Lizunova!

We are ready to answer all your questions by email.
Sincerely yours, Organizers of the White Nights Tango festival
St.-Petersburg, Russia


Dear friends!

Welcome to the XVI edition of the «White Nights Tango» International Festival, which will be held in St. Petersburg on June 8–12, 2017.

The festival program includes classes, milongas, concerts, exhibitions, grand shows of maestros and meeting tango-people from various cities of Russia and from other countries.

MAESTRO of the Festival:

  • Milena PLEBS
  • Claudia CODEGA & Esteban MORENO
  • Magdalena GUTIERREZ & German BALLEJO
  • Gisela Paula NATOLI & Gustavo ROSAS

DJs: Marcelo Rojas, Esteban Moreno, Deejay Gus, Olga Agapova, Kirill Ryabkov & Larisa Rogushkina.

Music: Tango En Vivo, Orquesta Primavera, Saule Iskakova.

The main events of the festival will take place at the interactive museum complex «The Universe of Water» located in the historical downtown on 10, Tavricheskaya St., «Chernyshevskaya» metro station. Concert «White Nights Tango» on June 9, 2017, will take place at Kolizey Concert Hall on Nevsky Prospect, 100. The White Grand Ball will take place at Azimuth Hotel on 43/1, Lermontovsky Prospect (Technologichesky Institute (Blue line) or Baltiyskaya (Red line) metro stations). The final concert «Tango tet@tet» and Milonga Fiesta will take place at «Olympia» Concert Hall on 14, Liteyny Ave.

Late afternoon milongas will take place at Tangomania Dance Center at 26, Ulitsa Chaykovskogo (Chaykovsky Str.), 2nd floor. Chernyshevskaya metro station (Red line).

The program of the Festival will include also sightseeing and various cultural program activities. During the season of the White Nights our city is especially beautiful!

The Festival registration will be started on 15 February. Stay tuned!