Dear guests of the Festival!

The main venue of the festival this year is the Museum complex «The Universe of Water» located in the historical centre of the city at the address: 56 Shpalernaya street, metro station «Chernishevskaya». Also some of the events will take place in our dance centre «Tangomania» on Tchaikovsky street 26.
Therefore we recommend to choose accommodation in the hotels in the area bounded by Liteiny, Suvorovsky prospects and the Neva embankment.

Recommended hotels:

«Austrian yard»
Address: Furshtatskaya St., 16

  • Comfortable rooms (1 and 2 bed): 5300–7900 rubles/day.
  • New hostel with rooms for 2 or 4 people: 650–1500 rubles/day

Hostel & hotel «Austrian yard» are located on Furshtatskaya street, a five minute walk from Shpalernaya street and Tavricheskiy garden. The new building, which houses 2 and 4-bed rooms of the hostel in the courtyard next to «Tangomania» dance center.

Mini-hotel «Ofizersky Poludomik»
Address: Kirochnaya ulitsa 35

  • Double room: 3700 rubles/day

The hotel in the heart of St. Petersburg. Located in a separate building in a small quiet square just opposite the Tavricheskiy garden, a 5-minute walk from Chernyshevskaya metro station and a 20-minute walk from Nevsky Prospekt.
The hotel «Ofizersky Poludomik» has only 8 rooms that we’ve booked for the guests of the Festival from 8 to 13 June. If you wish to stay there in these dates, please leave a reservation request in the comments of your Registration.

Hostels and hotels network «#WRITEREADDATA»

  • «Tavrida» on Kirochnaya street, 47 — 2–6 bedded rooms: 2000–2900 rubles/day
  • «Game» on Shpalernaya street, 35 — beds or family rooms: 750–3400 rubles/day

2, 4, 6, 8-bed bright and comfort rooms in hostels, bathrooms on each floor, a fully equipped kitchen. Mini-hotel offers comfortable accommodation in double rooms with amenities in room, great location and views.
Special offer for participants of the Festival! With the codeword «TANGOMANIA» you get a discount of 10%!

If you prefer some other accommodation, please, make your booking beforehand, since June is the high tourist season. Looking for the right hotel, please, remember, that during summer navigation the draw bridges across the Neva river are up all night thru.

We suggest you to use the world known booking site to learn more about accommodation terms, available rooms and to book online.

A reliable and easy-to-use booking site for apartment rent on day by day basis. Online booking is required. Possible to pay by a bank transfer.

Visa support

To travel to Russia almost all of foreign citizens need a visa.

Russian entry visa is issued by the Embassy or a Consulate of the Russian Federation in the country of your residency based on the Visa Support. The Visa Support includes: a Foreign Traveler Entry Permit & a Tourist Voucher registered with the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Most of the hotels are offering the visa support. Ask for visa support and invitation when you are booking accommodation in Russia.

NB! Visa support is not a Russian Visa! These documents are necessary to get Visa in the Russian Consulate.

To get Russian Visa Support On-line you can use iVisa, an Internet service, which helps to make invitations for foreign citizens.