Registration rules

  1. To register as a Festival participant, please, fill in one of the following forms:

    - Online Registration application on the Festival page;

    - Printed Application form in Tangomania Dance Center office;

    - Google Doc Festival Registration.

  2. Personal registration is valid only for one applicant. Your dancing partner mentioned in your registration form will be asked to make a separate registration.
  3. Please, make sure that a skill level, which you select in your registration form, corresponds correctly to your dancing experience from 1 year to 3 and more. There are different workshop packages available for different skill levels: for beginners (A level), for intermediate (B level), for advanced (C level).
  4. Your registration will be confirmed by the Festival Administrator by e-mail within 5 days upon receipt of your application, with your personal registration number and participation invoice.
  5. Please, make sure that all the information in your registration form (including your name, email and phone number) is correct. Otherwise, your request may be cancelled.
  6. In case of a series of subsequent registrations, every previous registration is cancelled. If you need to make changes in your workshops plan or to add more workshops, please, send a separate request to the Festival Administrator email.
  7. We can turn down your request for a certain workshop, if there are no places available. However, you can be put on the waiting list, if some of the participants cancel, get a workshop replacement or fail to pay on time.
  8. Workshops replacement is possible depending on availability, and not later than June, 7.
  9. Please, note that registration for participants with no partner is limited. However, it is responsibility of the Organizer to provide an equal number of male and female workshops participants.
  10. Registration is considered valid only after the payment is done in accordance with the set terms of payment – not later than five working days after registration confirmation. If the payment is not done on time, your registration can be cancelled.
  11. Each participant will get his Individual Schedule and milonga ticket only after the payment for workshops and milongas is done in full. The Individual Schedule and milonga ticket can be used by another person only after official re-registration.
  12. Private classes should be prepaid in specified currency. However, in case of maestro schedule change, a prepaid class can be cancelled. Date, time and venue of the class are also subject to change.
  13. Refund for the prepaid but cancelled Festival events is done in the following mode:

    90% is reimbursed if a participant cancels before May, 1 2018

    50% is reimburse if a participant cancels before June, 1 2018

    No reimbursement is possible after June, 1 2018

  14. There is NO refund for milongas which were not part of the original package.
  15. There is can be no registration for Festival milongas. Milonga tickets are available at the entrance.
  16. By sending your registration request you confirm that you agree with the registration rules.

Please, do not hesitate to ask us any questions about the Festival.

We’ll be glad to help you with registration!