Stella Carlos & Maria Maximiliano & Karina Carla & Jose Luis
9 June, Saturday
15:45-17:15 №1
Tango technique, part 1
Level: ABC
17:30-19:00 №2
Level: ABC
10 June, Sunday
12:15-13:45 №3
Tango technique, part 2: ocho, giro
Level: ABC
Tango technique for men
Level: ABC
14:00-15:30 №5
Leading and following
Level: ABC
Giro and elements
Level: AB
15:45-17:15 №7
Milonga lisa and traspie
Level: BC
Caminada and cadence
Level: ABC
17:30-19:00 №9
Diamond Lesson
Level: ABC
11 June, Monday
12:15-13:45 №10
Women technique
Level: ABC
14:00-15:30 №11
Balance, embrace, baldosa
Level: ABC
Giro Loco
Level: BC
15:45-17:15 №13
Level: BC
Elements for dancefloor
Level: ABC
17:30-19:00 №15
Tango technique, part 3: Tango Fantasia
Level: BC
Level: ABC
12 June, Tuesday
12:15-13:45 №17
Milonguero System
Level: BC
Technique for men and women
Level: ABC
14:00-15:30 №19
Basic steps
Level: ABC
Connection and fluidity
Level: BC
15:45-17:15 №21
Embellishments and sacadas
Level: BC
Level: ABC

AB — beginners and intermediate
BC — intermediate and advanced
АВС — all levels

№ 1 — Tango technique for ladies and men. Posture and walk. Stella (ABC)
№ 2 — Milonga. Practical steps and rhythmical variations. Stella (ABC)
№ 3 — Tango technique for ladies and men. Dissociation, ochos, giro. Stella (ABC)
№ 4 — Men technique. Posture, balance, different caminadas. Exercises for enrosque, lapices, agujas. Maximiliano (ABC)
№ 5 — Lead: deepen the concept of lead. Do really ladies follow the man? Figures to practice the lead. Carlos y Maria Rivarola (ABС)
№ 6 — Tango Turn: continuity, points of reference and connection. Carla y Jose Luis (BC)
№ 7 — Milonga: Lisa and with traspié. Interpretation with different orchestras. Carlos y Maria RivarolaM (BС)
№ 8 — Walking: different caminadas, cadence, musicality and embrace. Carla y Jose Luis (ABC)
№ 9 — DIAMOND Lesson. This lesson for re-analyze all the main structure, to demystify doubts and to understand in depth a system that allows me to dance hugely but with the comfort that gives ¨feel free to dance¨. The more individual knowledge and control of our own body, the more freedom we will have when we dance with another. That is why we will analyze all the structures, posture, balance, abrazo, walk, forward and back ochos Maximiliano y Karina (AВС)
№ 10 — Ladies technique: we work individually to understand how to use the body to dance and to be in control during the movement. Posture, correct alignment to be in balance. The technique to walk in control and in different ways and dynamics. Pivots using dissociation and mechanics to combine displacements with pivots. Musical interpretation, different qualities of the movement and ornaments. Karina (AВС)
№ 11 — Technique for good balance and embrace. Exercises and movements to change the direction along line of dance and in limited space. Carlos y Maria Rivarola (ABС)
№ 12 — GIRO Loco. The idea is to analyze the structure and how we make a GIRO, different situations for giro. After analysis we will apply new technique to dance different elements and figures with giro. Maximiliano y Karina (ВС)
№ 13 — Vals: complicated combinations. Music interpretation. Carlos y Maria Rivarola (BС)
№ 14 — Elements to use on small spaces in the milonga. Carla y Jose Luis (ABC)
№ 15 — Tango technique, part 3. Tango Fantasia. Elements, boleo and decorations for Tango Escenario.  Stella (BC)

№ 16 — Milonga: main concepts and elements, rebounds and different combinations. Carla y Jose Luis (ABC)

№ 17 — MILONGUERO System. This lesson is not about the style, it is about how to dance rhythmic songs, steps in full close embrace, using rebounds, keeping connection and following different kinds of rhythmical contrasts. Maximiliano y Karina (ВС)
№ 18 — Tango technique for ladies and men. Carla y Jose Luis (ABC)
№ 19 — Basic step: Salida with pause. Combinations of salidas with or without the crossing of the ladies. Technique for improve the embrace. Carlos y Maria Rivarola (ABС)
№ 20 — Indepth connection and fluidity. Working in connection, super close and flexible embrace. Different sequences and elements to apply in the milonga. Maximiliano y Karina (ВС)
№ 21 — Men-ladies ornaments. Combinations with ornaments barridas and sacadas. Tecnique for sacadas with giros. Marcación (lead). Carlos y Maria Rivarola (BС)
№ 22 — Vals: turns and half turns, dissociation and contrapositions, circularity. Carla y Jose Luis (ABC)